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Professional Real Estate Inspector, TREC # 5414
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A few things to remember:

  • Buying a home is probably the largest investment
    you will make.
  • But no home is perfect.
  • And every home is different.
  • Even new homes may have deficiencies.
  • Older homes, and those outside incorporated
    areas, may have many deficiencies.
  • An inspection report gives you information you may
    use to negotiate any repairs -- and to prepare for
    future maintenance.
  • Conditions change with time and use.
  • As this is a visual, non-destructive review of
    accessible areas and systems in normal operating
    conditions, not every deficiency may be found.

Our detailed, plain-language, professionally written home
inspection report includes digital photos and a clearly
written summary of repair items, delivered to you (and
your agent at your request) by email, typically the
evening of the inspection. Click here to view the first 12
pages of our
sample report.

The standards of practice used are those prescribed by
the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).

Our Professional Home Inspections include:

  • Structural systems:
    foundation, grading, drainage, roof covering, roof structure,
    attic, walls (interior and exterior), ceilings, floors, doors
    (interior and exterior), windows, stairways (interior and
    exterior), fireplace/chimney, porches, balconies, decks,

  • Electrical systems:
    service entry and panels, branch circuits, connected
    devices, fixtures

  • Heating/AC, ventilation systems:
    heating equipment, cooling equipment, ducts, chases,

  • Plumbing systems:
    water supply system and fixtures, drains, wastes, vents,
    water heaters

  • Appliances:
    dishwasher, disposal, range exhaust vent, ranges, ovens,
    cooktops, microwave, trash compactor, exhaust vents and
    bathroom heaters, garage door openers, door bell, and
    dryer vent

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